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Welcome to Amazing Art

Amazing art a product by HMB sarkar in association with payari marble, is setting new paradigm of excellence that is unsurpassable. Founded in 2004 by Mr.Shravandas vaishnav along with Mr.Paras Bafna, the company is primarily engaged in natural stones (marble, Granite, limestones, sandstones ) tiles, sanitary ware fixtures and now with a new segment in 3d stone panels, screens in various material.
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In a world of cut throat competition the only way to survive is to constantly reinvent oneself. When you innovate new technologies the steps to success automatically form for you. Innovation is one key aspect of business which ensures success even in the toughest times. We at Amazing Arts believe in being proactive rather than reactive. We are always proactive in our approach and try to bring the latest technologies in the market rather than being reactive to the competition and catching up with it at a later stage.


The one thing the current tiles market lacks is original ideas. The habit of cloning oneself has seeped the tile market so badly that creative ideas are hard to find. Original and practical creative ideas can be your ladder to success. We at Amazing Art believe in penning down the most weirdest ideas and finding a way to implement them. For some being weird can be a negative trait but we firmly believe that in order to constantly bring something creative in the market one needs to be a little weird and crazy.


The only aspect of the tiles industry which makes you stand out in the crowd of clones is your level of design appetite. A blank canvas can instantly become a master piece if given to a genuine artist. We at Amazing Art understand the importance of design and quality designers. We therefore have invested our resources in finding and hiring the best talent available in the industry. We do not discriminate any tile on the design aspect. For us even our basic range needs to be aesthetically at par with the latest design trends.
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