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Designer Natural Stone Jali Manufacturer and Supplier

Various carving designs, sizes and shapes of square, rectangle, round for your options, sizes and designs according to customer request ready stock available for customer choice also.

satisfying quality, competitive price, quick delivery, best service. We also make the products according to your picture or drawing. Welcome to customize.

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Designer Natural Stone Jali is a form of old calligraphic and geometric art that is usually constructed on the basis of ornamental patterns and are engraved on a perforated stone or screen lattice. You can find these decorations commonly in Hindu, Indo-Islamic, and Islamic Architecture.

Designer Natural Stone Jalis are not only design-centric but also helps in lowering the room temperature through perforated holes. The designs of Keralan jalis and Rajasthani jalis have differed widely and each of them has a unique pattern. Jali's work came to picture when Mughals used very finely carved plant-based designs by using marbles and semi-precious stones, as at the Taj Mahal.

Designer Natural Stone Jali manufacturer and supplier company in the modern era has evolved, but the basic art remains the same and nowadays people use jalis only to decorate there space thus making it look beautiful.

Designer Natural Stone Jali Manufacturer and supplier

Amazing Art, Designer Natural Stone Jali Manufacturer and supplier carve every design possible out there irrespective of there size and shape. We also carve custom choice designs and even world-famous architectural designs. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in designer natural stone jali, providing exceptional quality, satisfying prices, and best service. Do visit us if you are looking for an explicit piece of wall art.

Natural Stone Jali Manufacturer and supplier

When we think of jalis, how can we miss natural stones, they are considered as one of the luxurious options when it comes to fashion and decor of an office, or a house or, simply a building. The earthy look, natural beauty, and environment-friendly vibes make the natural stones a perfect material for implementing at both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Now let's talk about our collection of Natural Stones jalis that I make


Marble is on the top of the list when it comes to the luxury, out of all the natural stones jalis. Throughout the history of humankind, marble was the most famous natural stone used by many sculptors, architects, and designers. Marble makes any space look ten times more aesthetically pleasing because of its asymmetric yet beautiful design. As a luxury natural stone, it often comes with a high price tag. Tiles, pavers, slabs, jalis, and mosaics are the normally the byproducts of a marble. It comes with varied patterns, hue, and intensity of huge range colors. Marble Jali products here at Amazing Art, Best Natural Stone Jali Manufacturer and supplier are found in different finishes out of which polished jalis is most preferable among our customers.

We provide a wide range of marble jalis namely Calcutta marbles jalis, calacatta gold marbles jalis, calacatta Michelangelo marbles jalis, calcutta Borghini jalis, Talathello jalis, Emperador jalis, crema Marfil jalis, Carrara marble jalis, levadia black marble jalis, and Nero Marquina jalis.

White Marble Jali Manufacturer

Now when it comes to white Marble Jali, a lot of factors are taken into consideration like rarity and price. For example, Calacatta marble is the most expensive set of marbles out there because its rarity, while Carrara marbles are found abundant, so it is the most common choice for homeowners. While Levadia Black marble is a Greek marble black in color with greyish white fine veining in smoke spot pattern jalis. It is also known as Titanium Black marble and usually used for decoration of countertops jalis. Likewise, Crema Marfil is a famous Spanish marble type known for its varying tones of beige with irregular patterns and varying veining intensity. It is commonly used in combination with dark-colored marble to subdue the intensity of light color with its uniform background. Crema Marfil is used for flooring, wall cladding jalis and marble mosaic products. A stone jali is determined by its softness, and the percentage of impurities and imperfections present on it. There is no good or bad marble jalis type, you can buy any marble jali that is suitable for your required home decor, and budget.

Decorative Stone Jali Manufacturer


When it comes to construction of heritage you will definitely find this stone that gives a very stupendous appearance and excellent durability. This architectural material will definitely offer your home an eye-catching look at the same time it also gives you an unmatched toughness. At the market, you can find many stones, tiles, marbles, and other materials but the most reliable is sandstone when it comes to jails, it is the perfect solution to all your queries related to Jali material for your home. Top design Sandstone Jaali Manufacturer in India, Amazing Art provides various carving designs, sizes and shapes of square, rectangle, round for your options, sizes and designs according to customer request ready stock available for customer choice. Sandstone also is a sedimentary rock is rich in various minerals. Sandstone was a popular building material from ancient times. Most of the Indian forts, temples, homes, and other buildings are made from sandstone and are known for their appearance and architecture that are on par when we talk about historical architecture. It is relatively soft, making it easy to carve. Sandstone can be availed in varied colors and patterns and is thus an ideal choice as a building jali material. Also, it is easy to select a sandstone jali as per your choice and taste in the market. Also, one of the major advantages of Sandstones jalis are easily available in the market and are reasonably priced by the vendors. So, after this, you can come to Amazing Art, Decorative Stone Jali Manufacturer that gives you the finest quality sandstone available in the market.


Granite is one of the commonly used rocks in buildings, houses, and sculptors to make jalis. Due to its glossy nature, very high strength and long-lasting durability it is used worldwide by many sculptors and home designers. There is a huge spectrum of colors available in granite jali that ranges from the white to black to pink. But you might be thinking what makes how come a single rock signifies that many colors. A granite contains many minerals namely Quartz, Feldspar, Potassium Feldspar, Biotite, Muscovite, and Amphibole which are usually responsible for the color of granite. These combinations of the results of the mineral are making of the most common granites that are used in for construction. Now if you come to us you will find all types of Granite jalis that are out in the market following are the description of each of them:

Santa (St.) Cecilia granite

This granite is known for its Dark red garnets that come from tannish feldspar, quartz, and dark biotite.

Uba Tuba granite

This a Brazilian Granite that takes on dark color due to the abundance of mica.

Kashmir White granite

Kashmir White granite is primarily considered to be a metamorphic rock composed of white feldspar and quartz, that gives a red garnet crystal.

Venetian Gold granite

Composed of tan and white feldspar and quartz minerals with amphibole, mica, that gives a dark black and red coloring garnet.

Giallo Ornamental granite

Giallo Ornamental Granite is composed of feldspar and quartz through a metamorphosis that results in the white color of the granite.

Tan Brown granite

The variation of feldspar results into tan brown and black flecks like amphibole, this granite also contains a slight amount of potassium to give a very faint pink color.

Baltic Brown granite

This type of granite is very similar to the tan brown granite, but with larger feldspar grains.

Black Pearl granite

This is a type of gabbro with pyroxene and amphibole.

Bianco Antico granite

This Brazilian granite contains primarily quartz, with pink flecks of feldspar.

Black Galaxy granite

This is a medium type gabbro that has black with golden flecks.

Volga Blue granite

Volga Blue Granite is actually an Anthrosite, that gets it an iridescent blue color.

Absolute Black granite

This is again a type of gabbro and not granite, the composition is similar to a Black Pearl granite. We at Amazing Art, Designer Natural Stone Jali Manufacturer and Supplier provide some of the finest quality of all the above types of granite jali that are available in the market globally. We also provide ready-made designer wall jalis Do visit us at Amazing Art.